How to turn your People Also Questions into Leads for your website

How to turn your People Also Questions into Leads for your website

How to turn your People Also Questions into Leads for your website

In order to succeed in the digital world, business owners must be able to drive as much traffic towards their website or e-commerce platform as possible. After all, the amount of traffic a website receives is often reflected in their conversions and sales.  

Fortunately, there are many tactics that can be utilised to increase web traffic. For example, you can utilise SERP (search engine results page) features, such as ‘People Also Ask’ tools, to generate leads for your website. 

What are people also ask questions?

“People also ask questions” is a common SERP feature that provides searchers with additional information relevant to their initial search query. 

For example, if they were searching for “Gardening tips for beginners,” the PAA results may include questions such as, “What are the easiest plants to care for?”. 

They were implemented to improve the user experience by making it easier for them to find the information they are looking for. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that PPAs are the most popular SERP feature

How can people also ask questions turn into leads for your website?

PPA questions can help drive traffic toward your website (therefore generating leads) by ensuring that you feature more prominently on search engine result pages. For example, when utilised correctly, they can help businesses climb the rankings on Google, amplifying their overall visibility.

In addition to improving their rankings, they also help businesses enhance their credibility. After all, it means that users begin to view them as a credible source of information and guidance. 

Introducing Keyword Profiler: The easiest way to turn people also ask into leads for your website.

From a business perspective, there are many benefits associated with creating PPA content. However, it is often not enough to create Q&A content and hope for the best – it’s a practice that must be implemented strategically through data analysis and SEO tools. 

Fortunately, Keyword Profiler can help businesses achieve this goal. This is an all-in-one platform for People Also Ask questions, making lead generation simpler than ever before! 

You can use Keyword Profiler to: 

  • Better visualise how the “PAA” function works.
  • Use live data to inform your content creation process.
  • Identify keywords and keyword phrases.

Visualise People Also Ask

One of the major benefits associated with using the Keyword Profiler is that it enables you to better understand how PPA features work. For example, you can start by inputting a keyword, such as “gardening”, into the query tool. Then, a variety of potential PPAs will be generated on your behalf, as evidenced in the topical map tree below: 

gardening people also ask tool

For example, a simple search for gardening could lead users down a range of avenues – whether they want to know more about the basics of gardening or which gardening programs they should watch. 

Of course, more specific initial searches, such as “beginners gardening,” can produce even more streamlined, focused results – so be sure you’re selective during the research process. 

This insight will help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience or the kind of information they may be looking for when searching online. You can, therefore, update your content accordingly, whether that’s through blog posts or an FAQ page.

Furthermore, the results tree will also show you which websites are currently performing well through PPAs. This is a unique form of competitor analysis that allows you to perfect your own PPA strategy accordingly so that your website is suggested to customers above all others. 

This insight into your competitors takes away some of the guesswork, as you can better understand exactly what you need to do to generate leads through People Always Ask questions (and answers).

Live Data Directly from Google

The online landscape is continuously changing – and so, too, are consumer behaviours. This means that it’s vital that you have access to the latest data and metrics when curating PAA content in order to get the best results. After all, there’s little use in providing answers to questions that aren’t being asked or creating content on irrelevant and dated topics. 

Our Query tool conducts a live crawl of Google based on your search term. This means it’s relying upon the latest set of data provided by users, ensuring your content remains up-to-date. 

Identify Keywords and keyword phrases.

Various studies have found that using the right keywords can help to increase both leads and sales. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, it makes it easier for search engines to rank and categorise your content, ensuring your website is suggested to the right people (i.e., your target audience). 

When your keyword strategy is executed successfully, you’ll appear highly in the rankings, given that “ the top 3 Google search results get 54.4% of all clicks,” doing so is often crucial to your success.

As such, it goes without saying that keywords need to be implemented into your People Always Ask questions/answers. However, many people struggle to know which keywords or keyword phrases they should be using – which is where the Keyword Profiler can come in handy.

For example, when you input a keyword into the query section of the software, we’ll provide you with complementary, long-tail keyword variants that can be used to help you climb the rankings and improve the quality of content you produce.

We’ll also provide you with the insight you need to create more effective content clusters. If you aren’t sure what content clusters are, this is the process of creating a pillar page on a broad topic that includes links to other, more focused pages on your site. By improving your content clusters, you can simplify the user experience, making it easier for users to find the information or content you are looking for. You can also improve your domain authority.

What are the benefits of using Keyword Profiler?

As outlined above, there are many benefits associated with using the Keyword Profiler as a means to generate leads through ‘People Always Ask’ features. For example, this is a centralised platform that provides you with access to relevant, up-to-date data, keywords, and more, making it easier than ever to create content that maximises your ROI. 

Without having these tools to hand, business owers have to rely on guesswork when determining which People Always Ask questions they should use, which can impact their ROI and often results in no leads whatsoever.

Furthermore, as we’re aware that many businesses operate internationally, Keyword Profiler can work to access 120 different languages. When searching for potential People ALways Ask questions, you can select your chosen region – and the results will automatically be provided in that region’s language. 

Once you’ve conducted your searches using Keyword Profiler, you can download your topical map tree and share it with other members of your team or marketing department. This way, everyone has access to the information needed to take the next steps.

Tips For Turning People Also Ask Into Leads for your website.

  • Keep your Q&A content simple and straightforward. 
  • While you may wish to go into more depth when giving users answers to their questions, simple and succinct responses often perform best. For example, you should summarise the answer to the question within a single sentence. This is because the majority of readers will “skim-read” content, especially if they want their questions answered quickly. Remember, you can always provide them with more detail/insight after this summary has been included. 
  • Embed CTAs in your content. In order to generate even more leads through your People Always Ask content, try embedding CTAs into your answer. For example, you could include backlinks to blogs, product pages, or your contact page, encouraging users to find out more. This increases the amount of time they spend on your website, alongside the chances of them making a purchase. 


  • Use Keyword Profiler. One of the easiest ways to turn People Always Ask into leads for your website is by using the Keyword Profiler to create a topical map tree. Not only will this give you an indication of what questions you should seek to answer, but it will also give you greater insight into your target audience/consumer trends. This ensures that your PAAa content remains as up-to-date as possible, drawing greater attention to your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about Keyword Profiler, please do not hesitate to create a free account today.

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners generate new leads for their websites by removing the guesswork from the process and providing them with access to the data they need to succeed.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, and you can even try out the tools for free before committing to a purchase.