Guide to Featured Snippets: Jump to Position 0 on Google in 4 steps.

Guide to Featured Snippets: Jump to Position 0 on Google in 4 steps.

Guide to Featured Snippets: Jump to Position 0 on Google in 4 steps.

When content marketers and SEO experts discuss search engines and ranking, they usually refer to getting to the top of the search engine results page. But did you know that there is a Position 0 that shows above the top 10 results on Google?

This Position 0, also called featured snippets, is an incredible addition for businesses as it can increase your site traffic in no time. Reports show that the featured snippets have a click-through rate of over 35% compared to position one, about 28.5%.

This featured snippet position is a coveted one that you should aim for as it does not require as much effort and capital as targeting the first position on Google SERPs. This does not mean that the top search engine ranking isn’t important, but Position 0 is a low-hanging fruit you can get with the right steps. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

What are Featured Snippets?

what is featured snippet

Featured snippets are search results that appear above the top of the search engine results page. These snippets are often a direct answer to a search query, enabling users to get their answers simultaneously. They usually contain a summary of the answer and a link to the webpage if the user wants to learn more. According to Google, featured snippets are special boxes that show the descriptive snippet first – proving just how coveted this position is.

Did you know you can jump from the bottom of Page 1 to Position 0 on Google? Or even from Page 2?

Let’s take a look at a case study, shall we?

Case Study

featured snippet case study

A lead generation website gained an increase in traffic and leads shortly after getting Position 0 for the query “loss assessor”. The article gained over 20% of organic traffic and over 90 goal conversions after getting Position 0.

traffic google analytics featured snippet

Why you should Aim for Position 0

From our case study, we have seen numerous benefits of getting position 0. Every business or marketer wants to be at the top of the search engine results page, so it’s quite obvious why you should aim for the featured snippet position. But if you need more convincing, outlined below are a few benefits of Position 0.

  • Position 0 increases site traffic

Like the case study, getting position 0 will improve your website traffic. This is because viewers tend to click on featured snippets more because it has answered a part of their question, and they want to learn more.

  • You Appear on Voice Searches

With the continuous growth of smart voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, ranking for position 0 will put you at the forefront of voice searches. Also, by appearing on voice searches, your site traffic increases.

  • Featured snippets steal traffic from top search results

Did you know that position 0 snippets take traffic from other SERPs? 

Reports show that 26% of clicks go to the first URL when there’s no featured snippet, but when there is, over 8% of those clicks go to featured snippets. Even though ranking at the top of the search results is important, if your competitor ranks for position 0, they will take traffic from you.

4 Steps for Winning Featured Snippets

While featured snippets are a low-hanging fruit, they are not as easy to get. The following steps will help increase your chances of getting the position 0. So, let’s get right to it.

Understand the Opportunity for you

There is an opportunity available to you if there are search engine-ranked pages that feature snippets. All you have to do is tailor your content to fit the snippet style – be it a list or definition to increase your chances of ranking. Let’s take a look at some featured snippet forms.

Paragraph Snippets 

This is the most popular form of featured snippet. It usually accurately and concisely answers a question or briefly explains the topic. For example, here is a paragraph snippet for my blog for the query “Fiverr Statistics.”

Note that Google prefers paragraphs with 40 to 50 words for paragraph snippets, so you should keep your answer to a target keyword short and succinct.

Table Snippets

Google loves tables for featured snippets. Did you know you increase your content’s chances of being featured by organising your data into a table? Yes, it is a simple yet effective SEO approach.

List Snippets 

These are another popular form of featured snippets. They usually show steps to a process or give rankings to things. Because they make information easily consumable, they are best for featured snippets.

Take Notes

You need to find where the position of the featured snippet of your competitors is on the page. For my featured snippet, it was at the beginning of the page. But for others, it can be in the middle or end.

The featured content type also matters as there are different types – a definition, comparison, how-to tutorial, price information, answer and others. Let’s discuss some of these featured snippet content types.

A definition

Although online dictionaries have a lead here, you can get ranked for position 0 if you can provide definitions to industry-precise terms.

A how-to tutorial – If your content can provide clear instructions to different “how-to” queries, you can increase your chances of getting the featured snippet position.

Price Information – Google uses featured snippets to display prices easily for avid online shoppers. So, if you can provide accurate pricing information (in your industry), you can get into position 0.

An answer to one of the 5W (Where, Who, What, Where, and Why) questions – Most people go on search engines like Google for quick answers to their questions. Featured snippets are Google’s way of ensuring they get this. So, if you want to be in position 0, you must answer relevant questions about your product or industry.

Optimise for Long Tail Keywords

ahrefs study featured snippet

An Ahrefs study found that most featured snippets appear when people search for long-tail keywords.

So, how do you know which long-tail keywords to target? Make use of

gardening people also ask tool

All you have to do is:

  1. Search for your target keyword

  2. Study the long-tail keywords and People Also Ask questions

  3. Optimise the content by answering the question from People Also Ask.

  4. Implement your featured snippet strategy

Now that you know the featured snippet forms available, where to position your snippets, and how to grab the opportunities, let’s discuss how to implement your featured snippet strategy.

  • Update Your Posts – Updated content is more likely to rank position 0, so you must ensure that your information stays up-to-date. Even when you rank, you need to continuously track your content to ensure that you stay in the featured position.
  • Request Indexing in Google Search Console – You can request for Google to index your webpage, and as long as your site structure is good, Google can index your site pages.
  • Wait 1-3 weeks to see the snippet live – You have to wait quite a while for Google crawler to analyse your content and store it in the Google index.
  • Keep Tweaking until you win it – You may not get a snippet on your first try, so ensure that you continue to tweak your content until you win it.