Guest Contributor Agreement

We’re excited about your interest in contributing to our blog. Before you start, please read through this document to understand our requirements and process. This will help ensure your article aligns with our goals and increases the likelihood of it being featured on our platform.

About Our Blog will become a leading voice in the world of SEO and keyword analysis. Here’s what will make our blog special:    
  • Audience: We cater to a diverse group, including SEO experts, digital marketing enthusiasts, content strategists, and individuals keen on mastering the art of online marketing.
  • Voice: Our blog combines expertise with accessibility. We aim for an engaging, informative, yet easy-to-follow style.
  • Focus Areas: Core topics include in-depth SEO strategies, keyword research methodologies, content optimization, and emerging trends in digital marketing.

Contributor Guidelines

Your contribution is valuable to us, and we want to make sure it stands out. Here are our guidelines:  
  • Embrace Our Blog’s Essence:
    • Familiarize yourself with our content. Notice how we present complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner.
  • Originality is Key:
    • Your content should offer a new perspective or update on a topic. Avoid repeating what’s already been covered on our blog.

Content Expectations:

    • Length: Minimum 1,200 words. Focus on substance over length.
    • Introduction: A concise intro (about 150 words) to set the stage for your topic.
    • Depth and Clarity: Offer thorough explanations and practical advice.
    • Evidence-Based: Support your points with research and data. Link to high-quality, authoritative sources.
    • Internal Linking: Incorporate at least 3 links to relevant content on our site.
    • Tone: Friendly and engaging, avoiding corporate jargon.
    • Format: Clear headings, subheadings, and concise paragraphs for readability.
    • Author Bio: A short bio with a personal touch, including links to your online presence.
    • Imagery: Use relevant images that enhance the content, not stock photos.
    • Submission Method: Share via Google Docs with public access.

What We Avoid:

  • Backlink Limitations: Up to 3 backlinks to your site per post.
  • Promotional Content: We prefer informative over sales-driven content.
  • Rehashed or Sponsored Material: Fresh, non-sponsored content only.
  • Inappropriate Links: Steer clear of linking to unrelated or low-quality sites.

Collaboration Process:

  • Initial Response: Expect a reply within 1-2 days of your pitch. If you don’t hear back in a week, feel free to follow up.
  • Development Phase: We’ll work together on finalizing the topic and outline. Following approval, you can proceed with the draft.
  • Editing and Approval: We’ll review the draft for quality and fit. Necessary edits will be made to align with our standards.
  • Publication Timeline: The time to publish can vary, typically between 2-4 weeks post-submission, based on our content calendar.
We’re looking forward to your unique contributions and insights. Together, let’s create content that not only informs but also inspires our readers in the realm of SEO and digital marketing!

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    • Your Ideas: We love topic suggestions, but specific title proposals are even better!
    • Writing Samples: Show us your work! Please link to at least one of your published articles.
    We’re ready to collaborate with you and learn from your expertise!

Ownership and Credit

When your article is published on, it will proudly feature your byline. Please include the following with your submission:



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  • A Concise Bio: No more than 200 words, highlighting your professional background.
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All content you provide remains yours. By submitting, you grant us exclusive rights to use and share your article. You’re free to republish it on your site after its initial publication on ours.


Review Process

Our team is dedicated to reviewing submissions thoroughly and promptly. Due to the volume of pitches we receive, response times may vary. Please avoid resubmitting the same article multiple times.

Not every submission will be accepted. We reserve the right to decline articles at our discretion. If your article isn’t selected, we will notify you, leaving the door open for future submissions.


Article Publishing


Accepted articles join our publishing queue and are scheduled for release. You’ll be notified when your article goes live. We may also share your work on our partner and affiliate sites.

We reserve the right to make necessary edits for clarity, format, and overall coherence.


Promotion and Engagement


Upon publication, your article will be promoted to our audience for maximum reach. This includes newsletters, social media posts, and other marketing strategies.

Your engagement is crucial. We ask that you actively participate in responding to comments, addressing questions, and interacting with readers for at least the first four weeks post-publication.