What is Keyword Profiler?

Keyword Profiler is a comprehensive tool that collects, organizes, and presents data on “People Also Ask” questions found in Google search results. The tool offers the convenience of exporting data as image graphs for quick client presentations or in CSV format for further processing with other tools, saving a significant amount of time.


Why is Keyword Profiler different from other tools?

One unique feature of Keyword Profiler is its ability to provide live and up-to-date “People Also Ask” data, while also mapping the connections between related topics. The tool also provides you with data from every country in which Google operates.


Who should use Keyword Profiler?

Anyone involved in SEO, PPC, copywriting, or content creation and planning can benefit from Keyword Profiler. It offers fast insights that can help improve content quality, meet user expectations, and enhance search rankings.


Is Keyword Profiler similar to AlsoAsked?

No, AlsoAsked differs from Keyword Profiler as AlsoAsked doesn’t save the history of your searches, lacking the ability to return to older searches you have already performed. As a result, Keyword Profiler provides more results for niche queries, ensures more up-to-date information, and crucially demonstrates the connection of intent between questions. 

Another difference between AlsoAsked and KeywordProfiler is that AlsoAsked doesn’t provide you links to the sites that answer your PAA questions, which is a missed opportunity to check the content of those sites. KeywordProfiler, instead, links to these sites giving you the ability to assess and check their content and analyse the responses given.


What does the free account include?

Regarding access to the tool, a limited number of searches can be performed without signing in. This limitation aims to prevent abuse, which can negatively everyone’s experience.

By upgrading to a paid account, users gain several benefits, including a higher monthly search limit and the ability to export data as CSV files.


How can I downgrade my paid account?

You can downgrade the paid account anytime, just go into your account settings and click on “Plan”, then choose the plan you want to downgrade. Please note that downgrading your plan means that you’ll continue to use the current version until your account reaches the end of your subscription.