5 Examples of how companies are using People Also Ask for SEO

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This post is going to look at why you need to use People Also Ask in your SEO tactics, what the benefits are, and the best examples of companies using PAA.

If you’ve searched anything online in recent years, you may have noticed a section of related questions people ask popping up directly under the top-ranking answer to your query. This section preempts the questions people ask next concerning their initial query. 

This is called People Also Ask (PPA) and is a section of 4 similar questions that can help you discover further information on the topic. 

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12 Ways to Promote a Landing Page

ways to promote a landing page

Do you have an excellent landing page, but it is not producing results? Do you intend to create a landing page for business promotion, product presentation, or event advertising? 

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you literally should read this article carefully from start to end. We are covering the 12 most effective ways to promote landing pages that really work in 2024 and will continue to work beyond.

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