Alternatives: Keyword Profiler vs Answer the public

answer the public

Search engine optimisation tools in the modern world are so important. These tools serve as the guiding compass for everyone from content creators to SEO professionals and researchers. 

They help them to navigate everything from search engine algorithms, to user queries. 

Two tools, ‘’ and ‘’, each bring a distinct set of functionalities to the table and offer unique perspectives on content exploration and keyword optimisation. 

Read on to find out about the functionalities, similarities, and differences of and, and their roles in SEO. 

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5 Examples of how companies are using People Also Ask for SEO

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This post is going to look at why you need to use People Also Ask in your SEO tactics, what the benefits are, and the best examples of companies using PAA.

If you’ve searched anything online in recent years, you may have noticed a section of related questions people ask popping up directly under the top-ranking answer to your query. This section preempts the questions people ask next concerning their initial query. 

This is called People Also Ask (PPA) and is a section of 4 similar questions that can help you discover further information on the topic. 

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6 Valuable Alternatives to Google Trends

alternative to google trends

Google Trends is undoubtedly a fantastic tool that enables you to research the relative popularity of any single keyword. 

However, it is fair to say that it is also quite limited when it comes to additional features. For example, using Google Trends, it is not possible to seek out new, emerging trends, that you might not know about yet, and most people get frustrated because they end up having to use additional SEO tools to complete all of the research they need on any trending terms that they do discover.

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