5 Steps to Effective Google Ads Keyword Research

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Giulio Stella

Giulio Stella, Milan based SEO consultant at gstarseo.it (Italy). He loves SEO & digital marketing because it can help small businesses achieve big results. It’s not true, Italians don’t eat pasta every day

Carrying out a search to find Google Ads keywords is a fundamental step when we create a campaign on the platform, so extreme attention is required.Finding the right keywords in Google Ads is one way to maximize the chances of generating qualified conversions for your business.



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What is Topical Authority in SEO?

“Have you ever heard of ‘Topic Authority’? No? Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you uninformed. It’s just one of those technical terms we, web geeks, use to sound knowledgeable.

In fact, Topic Authority, is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concept. Its purpose is to measure the level of expertise of a website or web page on a specific subject. And guess what? Google loves it!

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