Alternatives: Keyword Profiler vs AlsoAsked

Alternatives: Keyword Profiler vs AlsoAsked

While there are many different strategies business owners can use to drive traffic towards their website, one of the most effective is using Google’s PAA (People Also Ask) feature to their advantage.

After all, a recent study found that People Also Ask suggestions show up in nearly 25% of ALL search engine results. 

By providing answers to these questions, you can improve your domain authority, generate new leads and climb the search engine rankings – all of which will improve your bottom line. 

However, if you aren’t sure where to begin when developing a People Also Ask strategy, you may benefit from using a people-also-ask tool. 

This will do much of the hard work on your behalf, taking the ‘guesswork’ out of the process of content creation, resulting in a better ROI (return on investment).

This article will compare two popular People Also Ask tools, Keyword Profiler and AlsoAsked, making it easier for you to determine which service you should use moving forward. 

Also Asked

Also asked is designed to provide users, such as business owners and copywriters, insight into ways they can optimise digital content in order to appear in PAA suggestions/boxes. This, in turn, can help them generate new leads. 

The information offered by this platform is presented in a People Always Ask Tree, which can be downloaded and shared with your marketing team. This way, you can ensure any changes to your content are implemented quickly and efficiently. 


However, while AlsoAsked is one of the more established People Also Ask tools, it is not without limitations. It focuses on a very specific service, which is the creation of PPA trees. 

Unlike other tools, it does not provide additional support when it comes to content cluster or keyword selection. 

Keyword Profiler

Keyword Profiler was also created with the intention of helping business owners, and marketers generate new leads by capitalising on the growing potential of PAA features on Google. 

After all, PAA features allow businesses to present themselves as a trustworthy and authoritative source of information, improving their credibility among customers and web users. 

Much like AlsoAsked, Keyword Profiler works by creating People Also Asked Trees that make it easier for business owners to determine what questions (and answers) they should be embedded into their content. Having access to this information also means that they can learn more about how PAA content should be formatted and presented. 

For example, answers should be short and succinct and contain several keywords, as opposed to being overly long and rambling. 

Again, this information can be downloaded and shared with internal or external team members, so that you can update your content strategy accordingly moving forward.

Keyword Profiler vs. Also Asked: Which is better?

While both the Keyword Profiler and Also Asked People Also Ask Tools are useful when it comes to getting started in the world of PAA – Keyword Profiler is perhaps the better choice.

After all, in addition to creating People Also Ask trees based on keyword input, Keyword Profiler offers a range of additional support tools and services to help users maximise their ROI. 

One of the biggest differences is that Keyword Profiler also offers users support when it comes to “mapping the connections between related topics,” this means it can be used to curate relevant, SEO-optimised content for your website. For example, this can provide you with insight into which long tail keywords you should be embedding into the content.

Furthermore, you can also use the Keyword Profile People Also Ask Tool to create topic clusters. This not only makes your website easier to navigate by streamlining and simplifying the user journey from point A to point B, but it can also ensure you are continuing to create relevant, engaging content. 

Finally, Keyword Profiler pulls live data from Google each time a user begins a new search. By using up-to-date data during the content creation process, business owners can stay on top of the latest trends or changes in consumer behaviour. 

For example, this ensures that they are not creating PAA content based on unpopular/dated searches, giving users the answers they are actually looking for. 

In short, this means that you’re getting a much better value for money. Keyword Profiler also allows customers to try out some of their functions for free ahead of time before deciding whether or not they wish to commit to a purchase.

Final Thoughts.

Both KeywordProfiler and AlsoAsked, are excellent tools for those looking to make the most of Google’s People Also Ask features/tools. 

This is simply due to the fact that they provide them with unparalleled insight into how the PAA process works while also helping them visualise the user journey better.

This information allows them to create question-and-answer style content that will appear in user searches when the relevant keywords/terms are inputted. Considering that the majority of users trust and rely on the PAA feature on Google and that many other search engines are implementing similar systems, being able to succeed in this area could help businesses on the path toward success. 

After all, it improves your SERP (search engine results page ranking), giving you the visibility you need to generate more money.

However, while AlsoAsked is a more established brand, Keyword Profiler contains many additional benefits that make it a more attractive choice for business owners, copywriters and marketers alike. 

As outlined above, Keyword Profiler can aid users with the creation of content clusters and keyword selection while also drawing upon live data. As a result, it is an invaluable resource for business owners or web managers. Conversely, AlsoAsked’s offerings are much narrower, focusing only on the creation of PAA trees. 

If you would like to find out more about Keyword Profiler, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our People Also Asked tools or the way in which it can be implemented into your content creation strategy.