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Keyword Profiler is a new and easy way to truly build your content strategy without the guesswork. Understand search intent like never before and organise your topics the way search engines will understand and rank.

Keyword Profiler is the new way of analysing content


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Keyword Profiler Features

People Also Ask Tree

Our People Also Ask Query tool conducts a live crawl of Google based on your search term and extracts the related questions. 


We manually click on these questions and explore the search results to categorise them into clusters based on Google’s suggested search intent. 


Using these clusters, we create a result tree, similar to the example provided on the right.

people also ask tree (1)
visualise who is ranking for paa

Content hiearchy

You don’t just visualise the People Also Ask tree, but you can also click to the sites that are providing Google with the answer. 



We provide you with a complete list of URLs for you to inspect and put you in a position to find the right structure for your content. 


Improve keyword targeting

Keyword Profiler can be part of your overall keywords strategy.

When you search keyword variations, insert your target keyword in the search bar and we provide you with complementary, long-tail variants that integrate into your keyword research process.

Get a new set of keywords that people search for, with granular details on the questions they ask.


keyword targeting
extra level paa

Load more sub questions

When you click on a question on People Also Ask on Google, the search engine will provide you a new set of questions. 


Keyword Profiler is able to track these level 2 and level 3 questions and provide you with extra sub questions about your product and services.


Create better content clusters

Improve your content clusters by finding what topics and questions people also on search engines using Keyword Profiler data. 



See the most common questions and concerns about your product and service and reply to them.


content clusters tool
also ask tool - keywordprofiler

keyword profiler includes:

Excel Data Download

Quickly download your People Also Ask Tree in Excel and export your file

Regional Searches

Keyword Profiler extract People Also Ask data from all of the countries where Google operates

All Languages

When you choose a region, Keyword Profiler will search your question in the language of that region.

Unlimited Search history

Keyword Profiler automatically saves all of your researches in your dashboard

Deep Search

Deep search goes three levels into the People Also Ask results and returns almost 100 questions

PNG Data Export

Take a screenshot of your PAA tree and export it, download it and share it.

No more manual SERP analysis.

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